About the Breed

The Havanese are a beautifully natured dog.   Very caring of your emotions.  Extremely loyal and affectionate. They are smart and easy to train.  They love interacting with their owners which makes them the ideal companion. They are mostly an inside dog and are happiest by your side watching and joining in with your everyday home activities.  They are a good size, not too small to trip over and not too heavy to pick up.  They are good to alarm you that someone is at the door, but do not continually bark.  Being a smallish dog, they do not require a lot of exercise.   However a walk is great for mental stimulation and eliminates boredom. The Havanese are very friendly with other animals or pets including cats. However prefer the companionship of their owner. Once puppies mature to adulthood, they slowly lose their excess puppy energy growing into calm and relaxed dogs.  They enjoy a good siesta (nap) and their favourite activity would be to sit by your side while you watch a movie on TV.  The Havanese are a low shedding breed, Your clothes and lounge will remain pet hair free.  This breed is also good for asthmatics, and I find that the Havanese don’t have that doggy smell as other breeds do.

I hope this has given you an insight to the Havanese breed.    I strongly believe that when choosing a pet, the breed MUST be appropriate for one’s lifestyle.   Please remember that having a pet is a big commitment.