Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a Havanese puppy cost?
A: For a pet Havanese puppy Registered with Dogs NSW on Limited Registrar.  My price is :

Q: What does Limited Registrar mean?
A: It basically means that your puppy is legally registered with Dogs NSW and is for pet ownership only. Not for breeding or competitive showing. However if you would like to be creative with your puppy, you may like to consider doing one of these three options: Dancers with Dogs, Obedience or Agility.

Q: What if I want to show my puppy?
A: The puppy will need to be registered with Dogs NSW on the Main Registrar. This does cost extra.

Q: When is the puppy’s next vaccination?
A: The next vaccination would be at 10 weeks of age. Then a boost vaccination once yearly.

Q: What is the best type of worming to give and how often?
A: There are a lot of products on the market. However I use and recommend Advocate. It covers not only worming but Heartworm as well as fleas and mites. This is a once monthly product, applied onto the skin at the back of the neck. It is very easy to use and works fantastically keeping your pet free from parasites.

Q: What is Heartworm?
A: Heartworm is transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes. A bite from a mosquito infects the dog’s blood stream, creating a lifecycle from larvae to full grown worm that finds its way to the heart, eventually causing your pet death.

Q: How much exercise does my puppy need?
A: At first when you bring your puppy home. Keep only within the house and yard till the boost vaccination is complete at 10 weeks of age. Puppies exercise themselves at first, just by being their playful selves. They can be introduced gradually to a walk, but nothing to strenuous, as this can cause stress to the heart. Getting out and about is wonderful. To a pup it’s full of wonderful new smells, things to see and places to explore.

Q: How long do Havanese dogs live?
A: Havanese live to 14 years of age or more. Of course this depends on the quality of food they are fed and the overall care and love that they receive.