Preparing For Your Puppy

Puppy proofing your home is very similar to child proofing your home.  It’s basically making it safe for your puppy.  Remove all things that the puppy could reach and chew on. This includes cords plugged into power points that the puppy could reach.  Chewing one of them could mean electrocution.  Shoes are something all puppies love.  So place them higher out of the puppy’s reach.  Dirty socks and underwear is also a favourite,  loved children’s toys shouldn’t be left unattended as the puppy may claim them.  Check your back yard.  Are there any holes or gaps that he/she might fit through. is the gate shut tightly.  Will it blow open in windy weather.   It is advisable that your puppy sleeps in the house where it is nice and warm. It is good for your puppy to know its own little safe area where he/she feels comfortable and is able to feel that it is their own special place.  Have plenty of toys and chews for our puppy to chew on, as this is the stage all puppies go through as they are teething.  Lack of these things may lead your puppy to look elsewhere for something to chew.